So Sick

After I sent last Friday’s entry, I felt a sudden change in my health. I started sneezing so hard and my throat felt scratchy. Eventually, my head followed suite and my eyes felt like fire. By Saturday I was running a nasty fever. All plans for the holiday’s meant my name was out. I saw none of my friends and I went to no party. I sulked for a good two days and I became difficult to everyone.

So far I’m doing a horrible job taking care of myself. I kept dousing my fever with a bath and my cough with a lozenge. I can never be more irresponsible with myself. I want to get well but getting better meant I need a bed rest; flu is only subdued with ample relaxation. I won’t have that unless I decide to absent myself, which of course is so not me. A pocket of pain is consistent in the upper left side of my head and I sound like a harpy crossbred with a frog. Gross!

I’ve been dragging myself to work and doing as much as I possibly can. With the changes continually occurring in the production floor, there is a dire need for an able body to herald my team. I haven’t identified a POC yet so I can’t leave my team to their own devise. I can’t wait for my rest days. Until then, I’m gonna go around spreading my virus and letting everyone know how stuffy my nose is.

Currently listening to:

Chico and Delamar at Monster Radio RX 93.1


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