Happy All Hallow’s Eve

Unequivocally, I am to run a good day.

I have a book that needs to be finished and reviewed – minus the nagging voice to rush things up. So far, the point of view of the narrator is keeping me calm but worked up. Re-reading the 264 pages of an unedited and unfinished Midnight Sun seem to provide the same low-key atmosphere an old friend would. The type that pictures the two of you just lounging in the living room watching a good movie over a box of pizza and a bottle of Cruiser. No worries, no time limit and no lingering errands hanging in the midst.

Talk about atmosphere, I opened my terrace door to a very lovely weather. It’s a little nippy, with thick clouds lying low. It looks like rain and it’s beautiful. I might even take a nap late morning in case it does rain, that would be a downright treat after a long workweek.

I’ll only be buried with reading and cleaning my room today and it’s going as planned. Last night, a few of my colleagues went out. Jay’s wife cooked for us and as usual, we waited over some mighty cocktail and flicking over t.v. channels. They pickled their liver’s while I enjoyed the food and the banters. I don’t feel like going out today especially if there are thick swarms to navigate around on. The mall don’t seem friendly these past few days … it’s just too darn crowded. I’ll probably go out tonight, depending if I get a message from friends – no doubt I will.

Now this is All Hallows at its unpretentious best. I hope you enjoy yours, too.

Currently listening to:

The Last Song By The All America RejectsMinerva By DeftonesIn This Diary By The AtarisDo The Vampire By Superdrag, Decode By Paramore, Numb and Faint By Linkin Park, Show Me How To Live By Audio Slave, The Bitter End By PlaceboIn The Middle By Jimmy Eat WorldCrawling In The Dark By HoobastankGuerilla Radio By Rage Against The Machine, Boys and Girls By Good Charlotte


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