Colours Dancing Mid Switch

I know this much, the time of day that takes me to peace are twilights and dawns. There is a presence, almost auspiciously serene, that enfolds me to be calm. It, to some, is an unimportant interval. But to others, is a signal to turn into a listless being slowly developing a depression. I’m lucky, little things like sunset and sunrise brings me joy. Twilight and dawn are particularly special for photographers because this is considered the magic hour. Natural raw colours are more vibrant, settled and dramatic that renditions can happen effortlessly. I’m no photographer (just a hobbyist), but I use that to whatever advantage it can provide.

Friends come up blank when they learn this, perhaps because it goes against how they know me. But they sure have some nice things to say with these type of snaps:

I was reading in my terrace when I chanced a gaze to the sky and saw this strange light amidst the surrounding darkness. It’s quiet unusual, so I jumped off my chair and loaded my camera with batteries and took one snap.

I ran out of water while traveling at one of the provinces in Luzon when I saw this sinking bell tower. I had my camera with me, so just like any annoying tourist, I took a picture to make the experience last longer.

I found myself at a park very early in the morning with a friend, just cozying up to our revisited connection. We were to walk this road (literally and figuratively), so before we took it, I had to encapsulate it in memory.

I know this much and I know it well, I like the fight between light and darkness. If there is any drama in the world I’ll allow, it would be this.


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