Happy All Hallow’s Eve

Unequivocally, I am to run a good day.

I have a book that needs to be finished and reviewed – minus the nagging voice to rush things up. So far, the point of view of the narrator is keeping me calm but worked up. Re-reading the 264 pages of an unedited and unfinished Midnight Sun seem to provide the same low-key atmosphere an old friend would. The type that pictures the two of you just lounging in the living room watching a good movie over a box of pizza and a bottle of Cruiser. No worries, no time limit and no lingering errands hanging in the midst.

Talk about atmosphere, I opened my terrace door to a very lovely weather. It’s a little nippy, with thick clouds lying low. It looks like rain and it’s beautiful. I might even take a nap late morning in case it does rain, that would be a downright treat after a long workweek.

I’ll only be buried with reading and cleaning my room today and it’s going as planned. Last night, a few of my colleagues went out. Jay’s wife cooked for us and as usual, we waited over some mighty cocktail and flicking over t.v. channels. They pickled their liver’s while I enjoyed the food and the banters. I don’t feel like going out today especially if there are thick swarms to navigate around on. The mall don’t seem friendly these past few days … it’s just too darn crowded. I’ll probably go out tonight, depending if I get a message from friends – no doubt I will.

Now this is All Hallows at its unpretentious best. I hope you enjoy yours, too.

Currently listening to:

The Last Song By The All America RejectsMinerva By DeftonesIn This Diary By The AtarisDo The Vampire By Superdrag, Decode By Paramore, Numb and Faint By Linkin Park, Show Me How To Live By Audio Slave, The Bitter End By PlaceboIn The Middle By Jimmy Eat WorldCrawling In The Dark By HoobastankGuerilla Radio By Rage Against The Machine, Boys and Girls By Good Charlotte


Colours Dancing Mid Switch

I know this much, the time of day that takes me to peace are twilights and dawns. There is a presence, almost auspiciously serene, that enfolds me to be calm. It, to some, is an unimportant interval. But to others, is a signal to turn into a listless being slowly developing a depression. I’m lucky, little things like sunset and sunrise brings me joy. Twilight and dawn are particularly special for photographers because this is considered the magic hour. Natural raw colours are more vibrant, settled and dramatic that renditions can happen effortlessly. I’m no photographer (just a hobbyist), but I use that to whatever advantage it can provide.

Friends come up blank when they learn this, perhaps because it goes against how they know me. But they sure have some nice things to say with these type of snaps:

I was reading in my terrace when I chanced a gaze to the sky and saw this strange light amidst the surrounding darkness. It’s quiet unusual, so I jumped off my chair and loaded my camera with batteries and took one snap.

I ran out of water while traveling at one of the provinces in Luzon when I saw this sinking bell tower. I had my camera with me, so just like any annoying tourist, I took a picture to make the experience last longer.

I found myself at a park very early in the morning with a friend, just cozying up to our revisited connection. We were to walk this road (literally and figuratively), so before we took it, I had to encapsulate it in memory.

I know this much and I know it well, I like the fight between light and darkness. If there is any drama in the world I’ll allow, it would be this.

A Bum’s Life

Okay, so this was a spur of the moment egging that drove Jen to invite us over and cook for us. Suffice it to say, we invited ourselves. LOL. The plan was not to do anything – basically just bum around – and wait until food is served. For a moment, I thought it would be nice to bring something along. So I bagged a chocolate ice cream, a liter and a half of Mountain Dew and trudged my happy self to their place.

We might not have come unannounced but the ruckus was a sure ambush. It eventually led to beer, Twilight book nitpicking, ghost stories and MTV Cribs. We sure annoyed the bejesus out of the neighbors.

I liked it a lot. It sort of reminded me of my school days when semesters are broken with lazy afternoons hanging out with friends.


You know what to do: hover, choose, click and save. Enjoy guys.

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DSC02568.jpg DSC02569.jpg DSC02570.jpg DSC02571.jpg DSC02572.jpg

DSC02573.jpg DSC02574.jpg DSC02575.jpg

Video should follow soon, I just have to move my schedule around, find a good Eheads song and come up with a motif.

The Road

 The Road is poignantly wonderful.

After the world has fallen to ashes and decay, a father and his son continue their fight for survival. They both walk in perpetual nightmare briefly broken by more horrible dreams in their sleep. They journey to find an uncertain stop from a world of desolation and haunting death. Throughout the course of their journey they are troubled with hunger and meeting savages that will tear them apart. Their insurmountable difficulty of staying alive remains as a stalwart companion paired with solitude.

The Road has a relatively simple plot; post humous earth, a few remaining soul slugging for food and a child’s point of view of a life post destruction. Although the book spoke of brutality and despair, it is rich with raw grace. It is a powerful masterpiece that defies rules of customary punctuation and paragraph arrangements. The events are inescapably succinct but strong, leaving you with an after taste difficult to water-down. The voice of the book will also stay with you, wreteched but calm.

McCarthy is astute with his description of the father’s resolution to stay away from other humans. You see him vividly in his words and actions, and you consent his choices even without assurance. He embodies the lost guardian and he is a character to be reckoned with when one thinks of good fathers. The son on the other hand, vividly depicts his faith to a broken and irreparable world. He demonstrates this with so little words and actions. His understanding excuses him of his age and his infinitesimal love for his father is profound amidst his gibberish explanation of hope.

For a moment I didn’t know what to say nor write, but I knew what I felt. It tugged at my heartstrings and a pit of emptiness filled an unknown corner of my senses. A troublesome conclusion arrived: sometimes, even with the strongest of faith and resolution, one is bound to fail. That with all the knowledge we have, we know so little. Yet there is hope. We will linger, in the wind, in the ravaged earth, in the small trinkets stirred by our hands and perhaps in the heart of those whose lives we touched.

The possibility presented by The Road is all too terrifying, especially after the realization that all humans are wanderers on a road of their own. Each trying to survive and each is bound to die. For a moment I was silent. I’ve never respected any other author and book, the way I respected this one.


The Road

Written By American Novelist and Pulitzer Winner Cormac McCarthy

Published By Alfred A. Knopt 

Happy Place

A pleasant news found me on the third Monday morning of October. A travel next year, isn’t that marvelous? This isn’t just going to be one of my usual fares, this is going to be big and special.

I’ve been smiling since and the silly little grin at the corner of my mouth won’t seem to go away. The sudden appearance of a spring in my skip became apparent to my friends that I just had to share the good news. Eventually I realized that my mom still doesn’t know, so I asked Paul not to go around announcing the good news.

I just have to pull my resources together, arrange travel documents and read stuffs about that special place. I might need a parka, is it still cold there by March? I think so. Lovely.