Rests, Songs and Lyrics

It’ll be an early weekend for me. After commandeering two teams (Wave 33 newbies consisting of 22 heads and CUAL1 consisting of 14 able bodies) for four days, I’m low on sleep, running on caffeine and cranky, thus spent. I’m not going to give you an inventory of what ran within those days because it’ll just encourage me to drone about it – just imagine me with perpetual bad hair. Rest assured my numbers are still up for both teams and each ran with efficient engines.

I still need to run errands for my health though. Perhaps if time will allow I’ll go catch a movie – I have got to see Hellboy! … and I still have an untouched list of CineEuropa films. Dang, I need more time.

Has anyone heard the song Fall For You by the Secondhand Serenade? I’m beginning to like it especially the piano part.

Also I came across some lyrics that are brilliantly astute. 

‘Cause you don’t like the way they seem to be going
You cut them up and spread them out on the floor
You’re full of hopes as you begin rearranging
Put it all back together but in the final reckoning
We’re trying, the lovers are losing

I’ll post it once I get a copy. It’s an exerpt from “Lover’s Are Losing” By Keane. I love that this song started as a poem; it creates primal reaction that is raw and close to home.


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