Parting Of Ways

Don’t be upset that it’s over … be happy that it happened.

I will lose you soon. I don’t want that to happen but changes are inevitable. Although I want to keep you, there’s a bigger machine that runs this whole game; you and I can only follow.

Once things change and you are no longer mine, please remember me and the things we tried to build, the things we tried to teach each other and what we wanted accomplished. Be kind to people you hold dear and stay away from those who thrive in negativity. Live with the fighters and the lover of life, they can help you realize that your toil is bearable no matter how difficult it gets. Be tolerant, you will never survive if you keep to things you are comfortable with. Grow up every day. Learn to leap to the void and trust that someone has your back. In case you jump at the wrong place, roll with the punches. Learn to survive. You’re so much greater than you know.

Lastly, remember the good times when things get tough. If things aren’t well, then the game is not yet over.  You have the power to turn things around just have with you an ounce of happy thoughts.

Lastly, I may have upset you – heaven knows I have the inate ability to do that. If I have, I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me.

Thank you for letting me into your life and I hope you had a good time while it was ours.

See you around,



All I only ask is that you don’t compare me to whomever you are with right now … and vice versa. None of us are ever really perfect which makes us so dynamically human.


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