Looking Up

Indeed, it gets darker before things get better.

I’m looking forward to my weekend and feeling the exact opposite of walking dead, I am off to a healthier three days. First stop, a visit to the doctor. I need my eyes checked (and perhaps get a new set of specs), teeth cleaned (yup, its that time of year again… I love visiting the dentist) and finally a stop to get the lump in my head checked. That should straighten my Saturday out.

Next day, up to Daranak. If I’m being tricked by my friends (they said we can treck and no swimming involved) then be my guest. I haven’t been to the place, so please take me. Plus, my hicking sandals is in need of dusting off.

A turn for the different, Monday wont’t be manic for me.  A jaunt to the theatre to catch Hellboy (a review is in order and we all know how much I like doing that) and perhaps a bit of shopping – I need a good book, a copy of that magazine I’ve been meaning to buy and a new top.

This should put a bit of spring in my step. Oh before I forget, I have less worries (in life) now because just a few hours ago, I placed my investment to my own pension plan. In case something happens to me, my mom and brother should be well taken care of.



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