Cheetos Dipped In Sour Cream and Onion

Casually pacing around one lazy weekday morning at the grocery, trying to find something decent to eat over a book, became testy.

Vanity is the root of all evil (Al Pachino), so sue me. But if I’m going to have a decent day with a respectable book I will allow myself to eat anything I want. I couldn’t find my brand – Kettle, and I was beginning to be exasperated … I should’ve just gone to Shangri-La they always have chockfull of stocks there. So with brimming impatience and my petulant appetite getting the better of me I formed a bee line back to the snack section and picked something I haven’t had for the longest time. Cheetos. Now that’s great, I kicked myself, I don’t like this. But a voice at the back of my head advised a dip. So I dragged myself to the frozen section and picked anything that seemed nice. Sour Cream and Onion.

Before crashing in my room and opening the book, a tried it first. Just to make it a little more exciting – not that it was boring; just to jazz up the usual shapes of chips I put in my mouth – I picked Cheetos Twister Puffs. I dipped it lavishly on the sour cream and onion and tasted it. So far, it was a good find. The creaminess of the dip and the tangy cheese of the chips melts with incomparable quality. I must say I enjoyed it a lot, very tasty. I got the buzz I needed.

It was sort of my cherry on top of my ice cream – meaning the book, no sleezy interpretations please, we have food on the table. 


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