22 08 2008

Fast forward to 700 years, Earth is left in the hands of one robot to clean up our mess while we take a vacation in a galaxy far far away. The last inhabitant to carry out his duties as a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Axiom, aptly named WALL-E, has now become self sufficient. In the process he learns emotions and becomes undeniably lonely. But one day a visitor from a sentient place paid earth a visit. Realizing his opportunity to make friends and perhaps end his unremitting need to hold someone’s hand, he follows her at the ends of the universe.

Truth is, I made a conscious decision not to follow up Dark Knight with anything that will ruin the whole experience. I chose not to catch anything else other than the suitable ones, which in this case is Wall-E and Hellboy II. So when my trip to the theatre provided good review, I was thanking and praising Pixar.

There is a haunting trait in Wall-E past his functional ability. The way he move about doing the things he was made to do and silently showing personality in his nimble mechanical body, is so effective that the risk for having little to no dialogue is exquisite. His visual articulateness is so astute that it was so fresh to just sit there watch and interpret without trying so hard. For adults who understand the existentialist in the movie, it can be poignant and bitter sweet. Wall-E’s need to have a companion and to share the little things, well actually vast collection, he has and also maybe someone to talk to other than his critter friend. To kids, it’s a visual playground chockfull of surprises and cute gags. One way or another, it also reminds us the value of keeping our planet clean and the lesson we can learn from greedy consumerist. Also, I can’t deny thinking that Wall-E can kick R2D2’s ass.

The overall emotion envelopes audience with its intelligent technique providing us with enough provision to go about the experience. Disney and Pixar did not let us down with all the hype and it even provided us with a lesson that’s not so in your face but subtle enough to be heard. The premise is also so original and brilliantly crafted. It mingled with an impressive musical scoring and the animation is so skillful the movie is capable of grabbing adult votes effortlessly.

Wall-E is a must see not only because it studies the level of loneliness and need to be with someone. But because the movie over all did not disappoint by tapping to everything that makes us human.





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22 08 2008

Great review! It’s amazing what Pixar comes up with year after year. In my opinion, WALL-E stands as Pixar’s best. What do you think?

22 08 2008
Jean Eda

what can i say? they just keep out doing themselves … yes, it is indubitably their best.

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22 09 2009

tl jean,
musta na, hehehe
ngopupunta me dyan sa robinsons pero di ko pkau maabutan`

anu na, kelan tau iinom,, ngaaya c dennis eh


roane to, un pinakamabango nyong agent……

25 03 2011
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