To The Mall For The Ball

I can’t remember the last time I became problematic over a dress. And now remembering the jitters it brought, made me excited.

I’m off to a black and white party, so a good whole day at the mall is in order. Isn’t that grand? Once in a while I get to attend a ball, be a girly girl and just relax … wait.  What relax?  There won’t be relaxations here. Am I supposed to be cramming by now? Yup, I should be. I need to get the best dress that won’t make me look I’ve overdone it.  I also need something that will be fashionable in the most subtle way it can. And oh yeah, it should also not render me penniless after the purchase. I also need to look for a corsage. I want it to have a black ribbon and a white flower… are corsages ordered in advance? I think they are.  Everything will be black, including my shoes except for my pearl earrings and my corsage. The party’s this Saturday but I haven’t prepared anything yet. What if I can’t find a dress? What if I can’t find a shoes? What if no one makes a corsage with black ribbons on them? Shite. My hair. Will I be putting it up in a bun or just set it on a pony tail with little curls on them? And my make up. Who will do my make up?

I wish I had a fairy grandmother.

Now I remember why I don’t often get myself into these things. I just can’t wrap by head over the fact that panic almost always sets in. Oh well, at least I have shopping to look forward too. In case I go home empty handed, I’m sure browsing will be fun… and my friends and I can just hang out at a coffee shop to relax with a magazine or a book.

In case I decline the invite, they can always call me anti-social. Now that would be something new.


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