The Dark Knight Soundtrack

I am at wit’s end. How do I express my praise?

To call Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard men of great bravado and genius, is an understatement. They are our generation’s  Mozart, no our generation’s Beethoven! No wait, they are Mozart and Beethoven rolled in one and on acid. Do I sound gibberish? Well to make things clear, these are my first thought of the Dark Knight’s Motion Picture Soundtrack. Going back – They drive blind, and in the chaos of their symphony we hear a life that mirror’s reality – sweet, poignant and in the brink of utter anarchy. Almost orgasmic, the thrill of the ride -meaning the symphony- ferments by visions of the movies memory, it leaves you with such appetite for more beautiful violence. The collaboration do not describe their music with notes but with effervescent passion, of fear, misery, and misplaced virtues.

Each score gives off an eerie feeling comparable to a surgical knife about to slit an unsuspecting victim -that’s you. A riveting ensemble that creeps to your sinew and forces you to hallucinate the imposing face of The Joker. At the same time, it exudes an ethereal stir that tips the balance with careless force. Oh how enthralling and haunting. It also eggs you to be brave, to face the tormented lunatic in need of dynamite, gunpowder, gasoline and pain. It relieves you of misery but carries you to struggle, win or lose. I especially love Like A Dog Chasing Cars. I think this is how music will sound when you put the lines this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object in orchestra.

I can never fully describe music, I can only try. Can you blame me if I’m at wit’s end? Give it a go. Perhaps you can articlulate the grand soundscape of this soundtrack more than I can.


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