The Crazy, The Lost and The Normal

So you think I’m crazy, huh?  Thank you very much.

Would you think differently if that man in the corner who is reading a copy of Lovely Bones is someone I fancy?  He came for a visit and to chance upon a reprieve; he’s having difficulty getting that from his other friends.  And would your assumption still stand if you learned that Debussy was actually used on a Walt Disney cartoon titled Fantasia?  A cartoon for kids with high IQ and with palpable appreciation of the art.  I must have also forgotten, the piece I am writing is a ‘Thank You’ letter to a friend whom I haven’t seen for years.

There is more to what ‘crazy’ really is and crazy is relative.  The dim-witted colleagues of Bach, Euler, and Bronte called them crazy, but are they still one?  While I am no Bronte, I am not removed from my mind’s own creation like the rest of the world.  Living will require an ounce or two of escapism in order to get by.  You take things as they are and your head will explode. I may not know a tad bit about psychiatry but I know a thing or two about psychology.  If you lack significant deviation from average, isn’t that abnormal?  This statement means that you adhere and admire all that is normal – whatever the society dictates.  You lack any deviant behaviour.  You have complete absence of social power since you follow anything that is ordained simply because society says so.  So why haven’t you killed yourself yet? Has no one told you that the current state of society is futile.

In a world that is irrevocably broken the Great Book Of Life states that if an arm is causing you to sin, cut it off, or if you are thinking unhealthy thoughts, rid yourself of it.  It is dictated, it is mandated, and it is asked of you.  So please, go kill yourself now.  You wouldn’t want to be abnormal or crazy right?  Do us a favour and go hurl yourself off a building.  You think this statement is absurd?  Well living normal is absurd because there is no such thing.  What only exist is you against yourself and your ability to choose between fight or flight.  Unless otherwise, you are hallucinating.

I’d rather be pleasantly disturbed than spineless, pretentious and irreversibly dense.