The Lullaby I Hear From A Book

When I was wee bit younger, I love playing the piano. But by saying that doesn’t mean I’m good at it … I was exceptionally horrible. My sister’s godfather had a piano and I usually stay at his place on idle afternoons teaching myself how to play. My parents never had me tutored, I had too much activity in hand and school was their priority. As a grown up, I envy those who can play; I should’ve picked up piano lessons.

I read a book that was so amazing someone bought it for a movie. In a few months time I’ll see it in the big screen. I’m still crossing my fingers that they don’t butcher it like the other adaptations that abound the industry right now. I was also informed by a friend that there are possible piano pieces out there that they might use. The main character of the book, Edward, plays the piano. He writes his own lullaby for his girlfriend and the song as described in the book is nothing short of breath taking – don’t make me describe how a music sound, I’m no Shakespeare. So I looked it up and found two arrangements that fits the bill.

The part two of the book is my favourite (New Moon); I can hear these two lullabies playing as I read. In a few days time, I’ll be purchasing the last installment of the series and will finally find out how the story ends.

I hope in my next life, my parents will send me to piano lessons and hopefully I will still like them as much as I do now. And hopefully this time, I’ll be exceptionally better.