Notice: Short Hiatus … And Some Other Things

23 07 2008

I’ll take a time out for the remaining days of July. So the last decent article you’ll find here (except of course apart from this one) is of The Dark Knight film review – which I went to see several times.

It also caused a bit of a raucous because I failed to review other pivotal characters, such as Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. I can’t beleive I can twist people’s panties by thinking aloud, geez people, get a hold of yourselves. I didn’t mean to offend anyone … I just made a choice whom to zoom into.  To begin with, I am simply expressing my reasoned opinion. One, that I alone beleive, is neither professional. So I’m not about to pretend like I write for some big wig and moot films under a microsope and evaluate them copiously (if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free … I heard that somewhere). If you think I’m a hard boiled critic, thanks, but I’m not. If you hold my raves with such respect that it upsets you when I miss a beat, you better get a life.

Moving forward. August may and may not be an eventful or busy month but there are a few things I am looking forward to.

My best friend, who has no idea I’m blogging this vehemently, is celebrating her birthday. We haven’t celebrated an appropriate bash since we were eighteen but what the hell, it’s still special for me. So far I haven’t come up with an idea for a gift. I’ve been giving her expensive pens for the past few festivities and I’m not sure if I’m becoming boring. She’s not into books like I am, so that’s scratched. She’s into make ups though, so perhaps a Maybelline will do… whadayaknow, an idea just came up.

Two books will keep me occupied as well. One is Stephanie Meyer’s fourth and final installment of the Twilight chronicles, Breaking Dawn. I wrote three Firday‘s last June about it and I’m hoping to put a cap on the review – wow, one fat book every week. I have hopes that I get rejuvenated by its story once again since part three, Eclipse, wasn’t as enthralling as Twilight and New Moon. But by saying that doesn’t mean I did not like it. And oh, it was picked up for a movie out this December and they’ve alredy managed to butcher some pivotal facts. I’ll tell you more about that soon.

The second book is something I’ve forgotten until I saw a copy at the bookstore. Lovely Bones is a story of a murdered young girl who refuses to go to the light and instead watches her family come to terms with their lose. This is a heavy book but it wasn’t the reason I stopped reading it a few months back. My inability to wrap it up was brought about by work, and priorities needed to be arranged. I lost my first copy (in short, borrowed but never returned) so I had one ordered again. This one will become a movie too. I haven’t heard much about its production but one thing’s for sure, Peter Jackson is helming it. Can’t wait.

Work also needs a little reviewing. By first week of August I’ll be checking how I was able to handle the team that was given to me. After numbers come in, I’ll have to step back and re-examine July. Although I am faring well, for a new comer at least, I’m sure there are still things that we can incorporate in our strategy to beat the goal. So far July is nothing but a trial and error – a test pod – so by August I can put everything on the table and develop a game plan to soup up.

I’m going to to be quiet for a few days and while I’m at it … keep safe and I’ll see you later.




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