The Good, The Bad And The Home Alone


 Lovely weather we’re having for a Monday. Marooned at home for the lack of resources to gallivant around town ( had to hold on to my remaining money for the Dark Knight on Thursday), I decided to enjoy the rainy day at home watching TV and eating junk. No one is around but me (mom went to work, brother had class and our help are on their restday) and my crazy dog Denim lazily pacing around. I finished all my chores before noon and after a loong leisurely warm bath (while rain was stomping all over the city) I plunked myself at the sofa to watch … until boredom hit me.

So I ambled around hoping that an idea to while away the hours find me, when I remembered how I neglected to clean my still camera and my laptop. So I went to my room, opened my terrace door (so I can watch the beautiful weather lap around), and placed everything on the floor for cleaning. My camera had been cleaned, perhaps a few months back, and was kept snugly in its case so after a few wipes here and there, and airing it dry I placed it back. However, my laptop had it bad. I use it every day and by the looks of it, it would have already rained me with profanity if it can only talk considering the amount of dust and whatnots it gathered after several months.

I stared at its poor state and pondered what I will clean it with. My still camera is well equipped with numerous junks I haven’t even used. But my dear old laptop just came with wires and a bag … that’s it. So there’s no visual reminder (like a small bottle of cleaner and cute little cotton rags) to clean it. Usually I just wipe it with anything I have in hand. My friend Abby told me to stop cleaning it with my facial wipes (yeah, sometimes I clean my face while working on an article then later on find myself wiping my laptop with the same cotton that cleaned my face with). A poor practice might cause me problems in the future so I decided to put a cork in it.

I took my camera cleaner out of its box again and used it on the laptop. I can’t believe the amount of dust it gathered; I really have neglected its hygiene. After several wiping actions, it now resembled a decent 2007 edition of a technological tool. I may be technically challenged but having it look like a dust magnet doesn’t excuse me from it. I said my sorry and placed the device back to my table. With everything in place, I looked around my tidy room to see if there is anything else I can do to pass the time.

Then I remember that I bought two DVDs that I haven’t watched. That too I managed to overlook. I attended to that for less than five minutes and found myself on the sofa again, navigating the player.

A few minutes later, the wind started to get stronger and by the sound of it, it seems like it has placed a personal vendetta to the ancient mango tree at the front yard, planning to uproot it. The rain chimed in as well. It was not only stomping but was attempting to drown the city and along with it, a loud rumble emanated at the backyard … thunder. Now that’s something I don’t like. I turned the player and the television off and took out the TV cable plug (dad said it’s the smart thing to do when there’s lightning this close). I went up to my room and by this time I’ve realized how too much of a good thing can be bad.

Feeling the need to get my mind off fear I went to my room. I popped a CD on my player (pumped the volume up, just enough for the speakers not to explode), played Claire De Lune ( my favourite is Debussy), took a pen and a paper and started writing. With the loud rumblings about, (I can still hear it, although this time it seems like it’s from a distance), I kept myself busy with the music and writing. I also had to plant a picture in my mind that I wasn’t alone.

Slowly a smile crept at the side of my lips. If anyone knew of this calming exercise, they’ll easily be frightened. Let’s just say the type of environment I have to simulate to keep myself from anxiety attacks isn’t exactly conventional. For one moment, picture me at a cold, semi dark room with a stranger at a corner reading, Claire De Lune playing, me writing, and a storm raging outside. Typically other people would just need happy thoughts to get away … I do things differently.

After this exercise, I thought to myself there’s always something good and bad in being home alone. Be brave now … you wouldn’t want your make believe company feel awkward.