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14 07 2008

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Darth Vader lives in the same neighborhood (Villainville) as Voldemort … and now, he’s reading about him too. LOL.

I was looking around for the new Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince movie stills when I came across this picture. I had to hold myself from laughing. I wanted to send a thank you note to whoever took this picture. I love it. Love it with a fang that I just had to make it my new wallpaper.


 I bet he’s rooting for his pal.

Oh, and about those new stills for the November release (mark your calendar November 17, at least in this side of the world the rest will get it by November 21)… here it is.

Director David Yates help the kids into a scene.

Our reluctant hero is about to journey the inner workings of his enemy. But before that, Professor Mcgonagall gives him a word of advise.

This is no child’s play anymore. Harry think things through after learning a secret.

Draco Malfoy is given a mission by Lord Voldemort. Will he succeed to become a murderer?

Luna Lovegood wearing her famous Quibbler Spectrespecs.

Harry being tutored by Professor Slughorn played by acclaimed British actor Jim Broadbent.

They have Voldemort for a problem but first these two need to help Ron face his fear.

Fear of … audience. We all know Ron’s a very good Keeper.

The trio discussing their strategy for the game and the current mystery they are trying to uncover.

There are rumours circulating that The Dark Knight might show The Half Blood‘s tailer. This might be true because they are both released by Warner Brothers, and Half Blood just wrapped last May 22. So far no confirmation yet, but it would be great if they did. It’ll be such a treat for all movie goers,I’m so stoked.

*Thanks to Mugglenet for the pictures.




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