Reality Bites

My fear gradually clicked into place, the economy is growing malignant.


I was at the mall earlier to buy a book and decided to pass by my favorite bakeshop to get me a small glass of iced tea and a plate of Ciabatta Pesto. Last I was here, the entire ensemble cost P91 and with a half hearted resolve I had to shell out (almost) double the price this time.


I felt distressed for a moment, owing to the fact that things are slowly becoming more and more miserable. The softening financial system is threatened by ripples caused by numerous inaccuracies of different power countries. So this must be the tsunami, huh? I’ve decided not to dive deeper on how these ghastly effects came about – the key is self preservation, thus one ought to roll with the punches to create a blanket of hope. Some will argue that this is false reality, true, but that is the only way we can provoke a paradigm shift – yes this will induce anomalies in your head, but you can’t deny the power of adapting. I’ve sat with a few friends over coffee just days back talking about rising gas prices and cost of living. It took me by surprise how muddled up things are; we usually sit together to unwind and talk about gratuitous subjects meant to breakaway from the tedium of corporate slavery. Now, although we didn’t set out to, we are talking about the economy – reality is finally catching up. There was an obvious struggle on our part to understand things. I thought if it was this laborious for us to dissect the matter, how much more for the common people living life by the day and earning just enough for them not to be evicted or die of hunger?


I, for one, am still considered lucky. A few of my earnings can still accommodate simple treats, but watching the world tumble to its current dismal state makes me wonder how soon will these consequences run before it catches up on me. Will I ever have to tighten the belt too far that I have to make sacrifices against my will? My occasional retail escape, will it one day turn into memories of the good times? Will I wake up soon realizing that my slightly-comfortable life is over?


Fear indeed is clicking into place and the menacing irrevocable fact lingers, there’s so little I can do about it.