The sleepy town of Forks watched over a love as cold as ice, grow strong in every resistance. A boy knows that with one wrong provocation, his passion will turn to murder and surprisingly enough, the girl of his dreams is every bit eager to consent. 

Bella Swan’s best friend is a werewolf and her boyfriend is a vampire, nothing typical and very much strange, she lives her life as normal as the situation will allow. However, her boyfriend, Edward Cullen is not too eager about her friend, Jacob Black. Their kinds are ancient sworn enemies no civil talk can break, but Bella can never let Jacob go. He’s the one person who was able to get her senses back while Edward was away and try as she can, this reason is not well received by Edward. The truth is, Jacob is very much in love with Bella, and Edward is not about to tolerate him. What they don’t know is each will be fundamental to ones survival. 

A vicious vampire that held an ominous grudge on Edward is hunting Bella. Instead of getting even with the one who wronged her, Victoria decided to hurt Edward where he’ll hurt the most. And Bella’s demise will be her ultimate revenge. Amidst this lingering problem, Edward must also prevent Bella from seeing Jacob. An arrangement she immediately disposes. Secretly she will meet with him in order to stop an impending gap. As a consequence, Jacob returns Edward’s favour warning Bella of the danger her current relationship brings. He reveals that instead of choosing Edward she can instead choose him. Explained in great conviction, love and charm that although he’s a werewolf he is very much human. His heartbeat proves the point. He defends that with him they can live a normal life, grow old, have kids, and not prey on human lives as opposed to Edward. Bella sees the line of reasoning and slowly realizes the flaw of loving Edward. He laughed with me, and then his eyes were sad. “When are you finally going to figure out that you’re in love with me, too?” 

It’s agreed upon that Bella would unite with Edward’s kind but Edward declines stating that she must live her life as a human. Nevertheless, Bella wins the argument prompting Edward to compromise. Edward bargains that if Bella really wants to become a vampire this will require that they get married, much to Bella’s chagrin. She clarifies that she’s not the type that leaves high school and marries immediately, a subject she’s much too familiar with because her parents took that exact same road and eventually separated. Although she is sure of her love, marriage is something that she’s uncertain of. 

Arguments fly and relationships tested, Bella’s conclusion is to marry Edward after she enjoys her human life to the fullest. She muses that she would like this completed by losing her virtue to Edward, which to her surprise, he will vehemently decline. The demand to consummate their marriage before the matrimony is not opposed by Edward because he’s old-fashioned but because this may mean Bella’s death. The moment Edward met Bella, the smell of her blood have been his constant thirst. Not knowing the limits of his hunger and strength, he settles that gambling wouldn’t be very wise. However, Bella achieves to walk away with a promise that he will ‘try to’, once he has calculated his control. All this before he turns her to a vampire. 

This news broke Jacobs’s heart and drowned him in delusions of wanting death. So the day the werewolves and vampires come together to fight Victoria’s army, he vowed to go down in the blaze of glory than be without her. This is when Bella was able to put two and two together. He wanted to keep Jacob not as a friend but because he is in love with him too. Confused and scared, he kisses Jacob and manages to let him know the push and pull of her feelings and situation. Fiancé to Edward but endeared to Jacob, she is torn to all sides knowing the pain she will cause the two men who are ready to die for her.  

It had not been Edward and Jacob that I’d been trying to force together, it was the two parts of myself, Edward’s Bella and Jacob’s Bella. But they could not exist together, and I never should have tried.

I’d done so much damage. 

Eclipse is Stephanie Meyer’s third novel following her Twilight Series. A little languid compared to her predecessor, there is a need to prove its overall argument. It dragged unconvincingly, save the last few parts when the story is already running on its eleventh hour. There is a considerable amount of tedium that could have been taken out to support a more firm sequence, like what we experienced in Twilight and New Moon. Eclipse continues with Bella and Edward as star crossed lovers tossing it with a third wheel and paying homage to Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. The previous books introduced us to the selfless sunshine that is Jacob and we learn of his love for Bella but in this new book, he takes the reins and fights for his feelings. Coming off as a wee bit smug and tempestuous, Meyer was able to sell Jacob’s character without depicting him as aggravating and pompous. A playful mix of presentation buys the readers vote in Jacob’s charm. 

It also establishes the dynamic relationship of Bella and Jacob’s character. It illustrates them as the ideal pair owing to the fact that they are a perfect yin and yang. Jacob somehow demonstrates in great bravado what and how a real normal relationship should and can be. Although a well-meaning Jacob challenges the relationship, it never denies anyone their choice (the damned, Edward or the devoted best friend, Jacob). Somehow, you can conclude that Bella is the one unworthy of either of the men, without hating her. 

Honestly, I felt sad for Jacob. It seems cruel for him to be the only one who can’t get his way even if he deserved it. The dilapidated quality of Bella’s treatment seems unjust and downright painful. I only hope he gets a happy-ending. 

The book also picks up with a presentation of Rosalie and Jasper Cullen and somehow provides a direction on how the story will end. Although this book tucks the loose seems from the last one, it hold on its own by building a strong finale. Sad and knotty at the end, it attests that although we talk of immortals and beasts, it tugs the familiar feeling of human conflict. 

In addition, it helps that while reading Chapter 22: Fire and Ice, tropical storm Frank was wreaking havoc in the city.  It was able to facilitate the mood while the wind howled and the rain whipped outside my room. That part, to put it lightly, was riveting. 


Eclipse (third installment of the Twilight Series)

Written By American novelist Stephanie Meyer

Published By Little Brown