Fish No More

To start with and to put it politely, it was very challenging. One is in need to be on their toes at all times; miss one session and the following days will become problematic, that alone is tricky to someone with short attention span like me. Week after weeks and month after months, one is put through intensive schooling to cover all areas and avoid mistakes that may impact revenue. I especially had troubles with anything that concerned calculations (I don’t like math!) but with my coaches help and a little tough love, I was able to pull through. I also was the only one with a commendation; whew that was a feat in itself. Everyone on the floor was all smiles for my accomplishment after it was announced through email. So maybe, just maybe I had all the right to be self-satisfied in my head.

Last Friday, June 20 I graduated from my airlines class with a 90.15 average. Suffice it to say, I’m very much pleased and was a bit smug in my head.

Before this whole thing started, I was leery on survival. I was the new fish and unfortunately I was also out of water. I was one of those who had the credentials of my position but had no expertise of the product, nevertheless the Senior Operations Manager trusted me and perhaps saw something during the interviews that led me to be a part of the team. Day by day, I had uncertainties that I fit and there would be times I myself would question my existence in the current line-up. The me I know just isn’t United Airlines material. 

But I was shown nothing but kindness and I was received warmly. People would give a smile and acknowledge my being part of the family and all of them seem stoked as I am that the team is growing in successful proportions. 

Now that I’m done with training, I just have to go through minor buddy ups to herald a team and it’ll be work work work all the way. I celebrated with a huge bag of chips, a few bottles of vodka Cruiser and a new book by Stephanie Meyer. The heavens were celebrating with me as well. It decided to open up and give the city a downpour providing low temperatures conducive for relaxing and snuggling. The lack of internet connection and electricity didn’t even dampen my spirit, it was one of my best weekends so far. I love me right now.