Scenes From Last Friday … It Looks Like Rain

23 06 2008

I’ve been wishing for a good downpour for days now. There have been rain yes, but what I want is an appropriate whole day pour that renders the streets of the metropolis still and the frogs (at the pond close to my room) frenzy. We haven’t had that yet.

There was a low rumbling from a distance and when I looked out, I was greeted by an ominous atmosphere of low clouds and humidity that spelled RAIN. So I took my trusted chair and a book to await the heaven’s as it open, when I saw the horizons playing beautiful circus of colours. That was when I grabbed my trusted camera to take a snap before the rain falls down.

Soon after I took the third pictures, a patter was heard on the pavement, then on the roof, then I felt a cold drop on my face. It was a signal for me to take shelter as the heaven’s is about to grant my wish. I’m happy when it rains.

… and it didn’t stop until Sunday night.




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