New Moon

In the sleepy town of Forks, a boy had to break a girl’s heart. This is his way of loving her because his kind – the kind that’s malignant and never sleep and the kind that’s described as monsters in our dreams – is no good for her.

Bella Swan was put to danger when Edward Cullen protected her from a beast of his kind. He was more than willing to be her knight in shining armor but before he took her off harm’s way, she had to be brutalized and scarred. This pained Edward more than anyone would ever know; it is because of him that she had to suffer. He then promised that this would never happen again. However, on Bella’s birthday the truth of the horror comes grievously when a minor accident turned the entire Cullen family to the fiends that they are. Again, Bella met danger. Edward knew that he couldn’t protect her because the thing that makes him and his family is ever so unstable for a human; the vampire in them is just too strong. This was when he made a painful decision to leave.

Edward had to be merciless, nearly inhuman. For Bella, it felt like drowning, only slower. He made her feel it in a slow laborious way in order for the blow to fracture the already sensitive relationship; he wanted it to sink fast and deep. The girl he swore to love and protect had to endure the most painful strike he can inflict.  And Edward Cullen was never to be seen in the sleepy, cold, and desolate town of Forks. It will be as if I’d never existed, he concludes.

But life continues. It is amazing how humans are capable of healing and it’s amazing how one flawed relationship can be replaced by another.

Bella tried to pick her pieces together with the help of her old friend Jacob Black. Slowly she learns that although a part of her was torn apart, a friend like Jacob is enough to fill the gap … even temporarily. It’s true that she can never love anyone like she loved Edward but she had to move on for her father’s sake. Charlie had been in tears for his daughter’s loss, and for his kindness and courage, Bella felt that he deserved more. So there she was picking up the pieces and learning to live again. But there is something Jacob is not telling her, something important, something that concerns the kind that makes humans in danger.

Jacob Black is a werewolf … the sworn enemy of vampires. With this, the threat suddenly becomes all too familiar; all along our heroine has been without safety. Afterwards, a string of events that led to grave misunderstandings, Edward conclude that it’s best to end his life, putting a stop to his meaningless sacrifice and existence.

New Moon is Stephanie Meyer’s follow up on her smash hit vampire novel Twilight. Very well written, it continues with what Twilight left off and soon we find that life for Bella and Edward is far more complicated than their makings (human and vampire). In New Moon, the first couple of chapters will render you speechless of the sorrow Bella had to endure after Edward made a life choice to save her. Although it’s embarrassing to admit, my eyes were rendered sodden reading through Bella’s misery. It’s skillfully expressed and coherently accentuated. Pages after pages, you would wish that Edward would come back but all we will ever hear (or read) is his voice in Bella’s head. Edward will not be in the book for more than fifty percent of the time but in the few times that he visits Bella in her thoughts, your heart quickens. It’s those sort of interlude that reminds you of the hero’s mistake; for he does not bring comfort, if anything it reminds Bella how broken she is. It’s with this fallible reason that makes it so captivating.

Although Jacob is not a new character, we find him as intriguing as the Cullen’s. We learn that behind his smile, hides deep sufferings clutched from fear and enduring love. And while we’ve grown accustomed to Edward, we wish for Bella to give the new guy the attention he gave the old one. He was just the type that was less cruel, more cheerful, and optimistic as opposed to Edward. He was Bella’s walking Vicodin, bound to tragic conclusions.

I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instant, I felt well. Whole. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again. My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin. It was like there had never been any hole in my chest. I was perfect – not healed, but as if there had never been a wound in the first place.

Would it have been nice to have an Edward Cullen and a Jacob Black? Two monsters guarding you from harm, loving you unconditionally and willingly hurting for your happiness. And the way Edward broke Bella’s heart; to some it is the most difficult to forgive. But love doesn’t work like that. Yes, it will hurt you, leave you inconsolable and every fleeting moment you will be reminded of your loss. And yet at the end love forgets, and whole-heartedly forgives. Love is irrational, but one would rather have it that way than nothing.

New Moon silently clicks into place and after flipping a page or two, trust that you will forget the world you live in.


New Moon (second installment of Twilight)

Written By American novelist Stephanie Meyer

Published By Little Brown