My Side Of The Argument

Un-Bah-Leeevable! You’re either have a death wish or you’re just plain stupid. What were you thinking going back to that low life bottom feeder?!

For pete’s sake, enough already. He is JUST USING YOU. That bastard is not worth your attention and I’m sure the reason he’s back is because he needs something from you. Wake up and realize that he doesn’t love you and will never do. He’s just one of them guys who cash in on gay people. A few days ago you were borrowing 5Gs, what was that for, huh? Are you giving the money to him? Damn it. When will you ever learn? It took you the whole nine yards to heal and with just one ‘hello’ from him you come running back to danger. Self preserve for goodness sake. I care for you but you’re just being thick. Don’t ever ever expect me to support you. Do not tell me stories of him and his lies and if he drops you like a hot potato – again (which I’ll bet my sweet tush he will) do not think I will offer you my shoulder to cry on. I’ve done that once and I told you the black and white of it all, but since you chose to not listen, fine, have it your way. Just remember that you deserve every bit of what you tolerate.

I’m gonna go and practice my I told you so dance. But until then, I hope you buy yourself some common sense. Urgh!

And you, self absorbed-maniacal-egoist in-need-of-English-lesson torturing people, I’m astounded on how well you’ve harnessed your predatory skills. It’s astonishing how thick skinned you are, after hurting my friend you come back like nothing happened.  You don’t have the conscience to think things through so I am not going to waste my time requesting for you to change, instead I will wish that you get what you deserve and maybe then you’ll understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you … and you are not God’s gift to gaydom. You’re sick.