What Happens In Vegas, Should’ve Stayed In Vegas

I don’t know how the hell I got talked into this.

After feeling stretched like a thin butter from movie disappointments after movie disappointments, I again was dragged by friends to watch a pointless discourse of how two unlikely couple can find love in the most hostile environment.

The story goes like this: boy dumps girl; girl goes to Vegas to recover. Guy loses job fights back by going to Vegas to have fun – he’s not very smart. They find each other, hits it off then gets hitched inebriated. The morning after they decide to part ways but decided differently when the guy uses the girls quarter to score three million in the slot machine. Fight ensues, thus they have to find it in themselves to make the marriage work or they lose their money. And yeah, you guessed it right. They live hapily ever after, following an inane journey to resolution that one is made whole by the other.

The truth is, if this happened in real life the girl will either be found hanged suspected of suicide. But the truth is his husband took her there and made it look like suicide. Or we find the husband at the bottom of his tub, suspected of drowning but in truth, wifey spiked his tea and he suddenly felt extra droopy.

I am very much aware that all stories have already been told and perhaps this is the producers way of taking a jab at what has been told before only a little more contemporary. But what they gravely missed is the content of the story and the believability. I am not asking that the characters be brutal to the point of butchery but I am looking for something closer to home. The transition the characters went through are implausible and juvenile. There have been romantic comedies that have proven their strengths (e.i When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding) without being cartoonish and hokey. After all our psychological evolution went through, I think the movie didn’t do service to the general public after undermining our capability to think.

Usually I’d put stars for ratings. I’ll have to pass this one though, I’m thinking of ratings that will fit movies that utterly suck.