A Good Friday

I’m a fairly good girl. When I’m at work, I would like to believe that I am zoned. So I don’t get side swept by other things not related to work. But a sudden surge of mischievousness on a languid Friday drove me to cut work time short and head to the Shangri-La Mall.

I am in the middle of my airline training and so far I am faring well but in all honesty I feel like a thin butter spread over a loaf of bread. Although I’ve given my commitment to finish this whole thing, I cannot deny the roaring voice in my head to just, how shall I say it? Chill. This sealed my decision to ditch drudgery and provide myself its much-needed leave.

Hence the mall.

The objective was to get me new shoes, new purse, new top, and perhaps a new book.  I dragged myself around to all my favourite boutique and found it rather hard to choose amongst extensive unexciting designs.  Soon after, I picked up a book by Neil Gaiman and new shoes.  Try as I may, I can’t seem to find a fill for the other things on my list.  Concluding my hunt, I grabbed myself a tall glass of lemonade and a Pesto Pizza.

Sitting at the restaurant enjoying my early dinner and my new book, a message came in from some friends setting up a touch base for Iron Man. So far, my Friday is becoming just how I wanted it to be – good food, great book and a movie.  After confirming our plans for our Friday night, I went up to the theatre to get our seats reserved for the 7:15pm screening and again I leisurely walked around hoping I can find the perfect bag to replace my faithful but aged one.

I wanted to get the oversized once with lots of pockets inside and out.  I want to be able to stuff everything I have inside so I do not have to haul a nuisance such as a paper bag for my other things.  I tried to convince myself with one of Bayo’s pricey totes but my taste seems to condescend my buying impulse therefore abandoning my retail addiction. I went ahead and jumped to the other item on my list.

Although I have enough blouse to wear for other people not to realize that I’ve worn it again, I still felt the need to have one more. Well, what’s a girl to do?  Sifting after hangers and hangers, I realized that this might not be my day for my other provisions.  Seeing the time, I went and met with Det and Pinky for our movie date. The commercials before the movie are necessary for me, so I left my friends at the concessionaire to get us a pop corn.  Shortly the movie starts, we got swallowed by the darkness and got lost in the film.

The night was still young so me, the girls and a surprise companion headed to Starbucks for some sweets and catching up.  Eventually when one of us started yawning, we grabbed a cab and went home spent and happy.

A shower and fresh PJs, I whispered to myself as I slowly dozed off “Thanks for a good Friday although I’m not such a good girl.”