Escape North: A Narrative Of A Lone Backpacker (Part 2)

The streets are slowly coming to life. In the sleepy province of Laoag, it’s very common to wake up before the sun is up. I felt in sync with the world after a long but pleasurable day and I am now sensing good feelings flooding in. In a few hours, I’ll be digging my toes in the great white sands of Pagudpod.

I hopped in the shower and sang along with MTV playing in the background. This is the thing I love about vacation … not taking me away from the t.v. when I need it. I allowed myself to soak up the warm welcoming water and planned what I’ll be doing and what place will I visit. Soonafter I threw all caition in the wind and thought that the absence of plan makes the journey more spicy.   

After getting  dressed, I double checked my things before leaving the hotel.

The Sean Patrick bus leaves exactly 6am and I got there around 5:45 walking from the hotel. The bus, is striped to its basic, no AC, no video or first rate seats just the customary old bus you usually see streaking by the roads of our distant provinces. I plunked myself at the back of the driver’s side and took a window seat. This assures me that I’ll get a nice view of the country.

  • Tripod-check
  • camera batteries charged-check
  • sunscreen-check
  • bulky backpack-check
  • money-check
  • packed breakfast-check
  • Sony Erricson Walkman phone loaded with Eheads and Rivermaya songs-check

Two hours later, the Sean Patrick bus drops me beside an enormous sea shell. This is my mark that I’m close to my destination.


Right off the tricycle, I jumped off and ran to the beach. As promised, I dug my pretty little feet to the sand and breathed in the lovely air gushing from the ocean.

I’m a frugal traveller. But luck has been so nice to me on every voyage that I get to have  good things to my favour. I’m not going to tell you how much my room is, but trust me when I say it’s cheap. Below, is the view from my deck.

 … To The Right

… To The Left.

After securing my things in my room and taking pleasure standing in my own private deck, I set off to see the place. With my devoted camera tucked with me, I snapped at every vista I deem worthy of a snapshot.

Waiting For The Waves To Come

Seashell Collector For Souvenir

Souvenirs I Took Home

Wind Turbines (Of Bangui) From A Distance … They’re Collosal Upclose

My room attendant have been kind enough to inform me that his son who took me in his tricycle to the resort offered to take me to a public beach a little off the beaten track. I was hesitant at first because I am already loving the place, I thought that this is it and there is no other spot more delightful. But after trying the wave runner, failing miserably in the surf board and ate a whole stout crab, I thought of my attendant and her offer to bring me to a secret lagoon.

I found Lolita at the lobby and asked if the invitation is still open and she answered me with a smile. Minutes later, I’m off on a speeding tricycle holding on for dear life and hoping that my lust for more serene spot won’t cost me a broken neck. But alas, this is what greeted me at the end of the road.

Is this really a public beach? … you have got to be kidding me.

A Spot To Bogey Board … Most Of My Sunburn From My Back Came From Here.

When I’ve had my fill of the Blue Lagoon and when the sunburn at my back started to sting, I went back to the resort .  I capped the day with a walk at the beach and gave silent adieu to the sun. 

My Footprint … I had the beach to myself, sweet!

Sitting serenely at the shore … looking at the sun.

It was a well spent day for the lone backpacker.