Hapy Birthday Abby

I’ve been staring at the monitor for far too long that the company screensaver started flashing. I’ve been trying to write a movie review for my project but words have successfully escaped … why can’t a review be summed up to crappy or pretentious? It sums it up anyways. Then I saw the company’s advertisement for TGIFriday’s and thought of the best person to enjoy the place with.

I’ve been wishing for a shopping for weeks now, I still haven’t bought a new pair of shoes a plan so old I don’t think I still want a new one. Last time I was at the mall I went home with a tuna sandwich instead of a new top, shoes, book or pants. How lame is that? Then I came to a conclusion, that I’m missing my shopping buddy.

So how is Australia? So far Manila hasn’t changed since you were last here. Although for the past months I haven’t had a decent shopping or even a reasonable pig out, so I don’t know much of what’s out there. I am aware that today is your birthday and I was thinking of how we are to spend it if you were here. I was thinking, perhaps we’ll pick up a new top in Bayo then get off the fitting room wearing the same thing and we’ll laugh about it. You might snort and start gritting your teeth because we look like B1 and B2 and I might smack my forehead for it. Then we’ll go try some shoes on and as soon as we see how obnoxious the price is, we step out of the shop and head to the nearest lingerie store. We might pick up a pair of knickers or two before catching a movie.

As always, I’ll choose the movie for us. Good or bad we’ll sit on it until it’s done. Then once it’s over, I’ll critique it. You either think I’m right or you’ll suggest I put I cork in it because you like the movie. Then we head to Tia Maria’s to get a drink or two, meaning a pitcher of your favourite cocktail and a plate full of tuna tacos.

We’ll end the day with a beso on the cheeks,  I’ll wish you a happy birthday and you remind me that I need my blue oil strips for my nose. We’ll go home tired but happy, thinking we spent the day well.

A friend just walked in and moved my mouse. He asked as to why am I staring at the screen and asked if everything alright. I answer him with a smile and I said, “Today is a friend’s birthday, I miss her.”