Brimstone and Sulfur … The Saga

The sun had been stomping around as if it owned the place. The curtains in my living room window is as still as the dead. The streets in my neighbourhood is silent not from choice because anyone smart enough knows that it won’t be nice to be caught outside in the middle of the afternoon. Crack an egg on the curb and you’ll have yourself a sunny side up… that would be the same for your brains. I threw water to ease the front yard’s atmosphere and I heard a cackle the moment it hit it. Much to my chagrin this intense humidity and heat is not going away, at least not soon.

Sleep, like I’ve described before is a challenge and now getting dressed for work has become as obnoxious as well. Fresh off the shower sweat beads my forehead; somehow I just managed to cool myself down just to be worked up the second I step out of the shower. Its times like these you want to just stick yourself inside the fridge. You have to understand that even if I’ve lived my entire life in a hot country does not suggest my tolerance to such temperature.

Observing the people around me, they all seem to be providing everyone with enough space. Perhaps to avoid spontaneous tussles, gawd knows searing weathers can mean short fuse. It’s frustrating that as much as you fan yourself you get the same hot air circulating about. With the abysmal mugginess of the place I’ll have a hard time identifying if this is because of the weather or am I having a fever. I kept staring into space trying to figure out how I can relieve myself off of this burden-so far its just space.

This summer is not the summer I expected it to be. I saw myself walking up a mountain and just relaxing on top or perhaps backpacking somewhere … the least, I’d be off to any random place a bus ride away.