Shari and Juliet

16 04 2008





they toiled hard and true

to bring the company through

but one day they said “Account is closing,

it’s ol’right, a new one we are composing”


then the others moved on first

we saw slowly our sad disperse

and communication we kept open

to keep to page what will happen


then one day the remaining were interviewed

the stage was set for an odd feud

for one will only be taken

we asked, “Are the others to be forsaken?”


we waited for a month or more

the suspense so painful we just had to bore

then they said the two can leave

the truth of the mistake we can’t conceive


they said that it is now over

the party can’t be lived forever

yes, oh yes it’s time to leave

the memories here stops to weave


you don’t understand you thought you were save

that was the advice to all they gave

we believed, oh yes we held on

to this conclusion we have drawn


and at the end all they say is sorry

and to the door they want you to hurry

for you, they learned have no place

they say “no more, no more space”


yes they were callous, they were mean,

to not protect you through this scene

you did good service and provided best

but the outcome and conclusion was a mess




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