A Letter To A Friend With A Broken Heart

Dear Friend,

When you told me what he did to you, the things that he said and how unsympathetic he was, I wasn’t shocked. I sort of saw this train wreck coming.

But I can say, he did not have to step out of the relationship like that … like you didn’t amount to anything. After all the things you did for him?  After helping him at work, rallying for his promotion and providing for him when it got too tight, he dropped you thoughtlessly. I’ve seen you take care of him, love him and support him like the true perfect partner that you are (you, in my eyes were the quintessential unconditional lover) but never did I see him do the same in return. At first I thought he was just the type that doesn’t show his feelings, I laughed and convinced myself that I don’t know what’s happening beyond closed doors, so who am I to make conclusions? You’ve always said the nicest things about him and you’ve always reminded us how in love you are. You look like you’re on top of the world. Although I had doubts of his real intentions given that he is married, I never made any assumption out of my respect for you. But now, I feel sorry for not talking. I should have said something, I should have told you that I do not trust him … that there was something only my gut feeling can explain.

And because I didn’t say anything, here you are hurting. I’m now helplessly watching you spiral; the once vibrant and sharp friend is now diminished to a confused, cut torn, self doubting and crippled individual. I know you still love him and I can see that you are still hoping that he comes back. But friend, after saying that he never had any obligation to you, don’t you think it’s a sign for you to walk away? Love should never be this painful. You keep saying that he would not have gone to bed with you if he didn’t love you, but I say bullshit. Men get in bed with women (or men, in your case) for many reasons. Unfortunately, one of them can be out of money or just plain sex. Our other friends can see it as bright as daylight that he only used you for promotion. He dropped you like a hot potato after he signed his papers, you have to see that. 

I can’t give you the “hows” on how to heal your heart or how to have faith towards men again but I can offer you my shoulder to cry on. Take as much time as you need to bounce back. Just remember that you do not deserve a bottom feeder opportunist like him – you’re better off without him.



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