An Inconvenient Truth

I’ve been away from the television set for a month, I’ve been preoccupied with training and other more important things when a happy lazy day found me curled in front of the t.v.

I flicked the remote not expecting any quality shows up on an afternoon like this but when I turned to HBO I was greeted with their commercial presenting the next show. I saw An Inconvenient Truth in early 2007 before Al Gore won his Nobel Price. I thought, like Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko), he had something to say and we all had to listen.

I learned that before Al Gore ran for President (and failed to Bush) he has been advocating for the planet’s health. He jabbed away with his presentation with charisma, sense of humour and fervour. Perhaps I allowed myself to sit watching him discuss his dissertation only because this was the way I’d prefer a professor present me his thoughts. He stripped it off its “ra,ra,ra I’m preaching listen to me” ego and delivered the message with haunting accuracy and bravado.

An Inconvenient Truth, in a nutshell examines and brings to mind our Earth’s current health report. Apparently we are on our way to extinction resulting from our well failed decisions and choices. So far our misdeeds consequences is at hand and the decision to pull us away from casualty is hindered by political mishaps and economics. It presents factual information as to how scientists and stored data illustrate the world’s end if we decide not to turn things around. Armed with wit and charisma, Al Gore concluded the argument with high hopes that we can turn the problem around.

Summing it all up, no amount of epic movies can surpass the horrors of what will happen to us in ten years time if we decide not to do anything. In a movie, we can sit comfortably and note that there will be happy ever after because the hero is doing his darndest best to make things right. But in real life, you, me, the lady in the grocery, the street sweeper, the jerk off sitting in the Palace, the heiress of a multimillion dollar company, the young adult watching porn and the rest of the almost ten billion souls on Earth can view first hand and live the apocalyptic tail spin written in the Book of Revelations.

We owe it to ourselves to be armed with the truth although inconvenient, because one day when it’s time for you to explain to your kids why you decided to turn away, then that would be an inescapable inconvenience and shame.

It pays to watch t.v. from time to time.


To The One That Got Away

In a few minutes the sun will be peeking but I haven’t closed my eyes to rest. I‘ve caught myself close to crying again imagining you. So this must be how a thousand year feels. The truth, I don’t know what to do or say. It chokes me up to tell you how much I miss you right now. I wonder how things would have been if you were here. I don’t know why the hell am I still so into you. I think of you more than I should be thinking of the one I’m with and I long for you more than my mind can handle.

Every time I hear your voice at the other end of the line, it breaks my heart that I can’t put my arms around you. I might not have said the right words when you were here but I hope that you knew that you meant the world to me… still.

I want you here, I want you now … but we both know we can’t. We had the right love but we just made all the wrong decisions while we were at it.

Love’s such a fool.

Brimstone and Sulfur … The Saga

The sun had been stomping around as if it owned the place. The curtains in my living room window is as still as the dead. The streets in my neighbourhood is silent not from choice because anyone smart enough knows that it won’t be nice to be caught outside in the middle of the afternoon. Crack an egg on the curb and you’ll have yourself a sunny side up… that would be the same for your brains. I threw water to ease the front yard’s atmosphere and I heard a cackle the moment it hit it. Much to my chagrin this intense humidity and heat is not going away, at least not soon.

Sleep, like I’ve described before is a challenge and now getting dressed for work has become as obnoxious as well. Fresh off the shower sweat beads my forehead; somehow I just managed to cool myself down just to be worked up the second I step out of the shower. Its times like these you want to just stick yourself inside the fridge. You have to understand that even if I’ve lived my entire life in a hot country does not suggest my tolerance to such temperature.

Observing the people around me, they all seem to be providing everyone with enough space. Perhaps to avoid spontaneous tussles, gawd knows searing weathers can mean short fuse. It’s frustrating that as much as you fan yourself you get the same hot air circulating about. With the abysmal mugginess of the place I’ll have a hard time identifying if this is because of the weather or am I having a fever. I kept staring into space trying to figure out how I can relieve myself off of this burden-so far its just space.

This summer is not the summer I expected it to be. I saw myself walking up a mountain and just relaxing on top or perhaps backpacking somewhere … the least, I’d be off to any random place a bus ride away.

Much Ado About A Quarter Pounder…With Cheese

For the first time in five years, I allowed myself a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. The decision came after an unsystematic choice to open myself to animal protein again. I believe I am at a stage of my life wherein I can control my meat intake for the sole purpose of … well, protein intake. Although I’ve switched on and off eating pork and beef my entire life, I came to a decision that it’s about time I open myself to red meat again. This was when I told myself that I will include it in my meal, at the most, four times a month.  

So upon making yet another life decision, I grabbed my wallet and went straight to McDonald’s. Try as I want to, I can’t remember the last time I ate a burger … a real burger not made of tofu or veggies. So I was wondering how will I take eating beef this time around. When I arrived at the counter a part of me just wanted to buy French fries and a tall glass of pineapple juice but committing to my resolution, I ordered the quarter pounder with cheese and took it to the office.

So there I was, just staring at my meal still thinking of not eating it. But remembering how I was brought up (you do not put in your plate what you can’t finish!), I took a bite. I then made a conclusion of how well my memory retain and recollect just by taste – I concluded the same with smell. My quarter pounder tasted just like when I was 23, it was very tasty and rich with flavour and the mustard, cheese, pickles and ketchup muddled up well. That one bite was followed by slow steady mouthfuls mixed with guilt and satisfaction.

The usual food I ingest does not require too much chewing but having aversion to chocking I chewed my burger well. Perhaps this was my way of helping my tummy digest it a little easier. Soon the extra chomping action became awkward … I don’t remember beef to be so bubble gummy, maybe this takes a little getting used to. I eventually finished my meal and washed it off with a tall glass of pineapple juice.

Shortly, I felt strange … like my body was detesting my new life choice. I felt nauseated for three hours, a welling tummy ache visits me in waves and a weird pulsing ache in my temple told me that something was wrong. I never felt so compelled to stick my finger down my throat.

Griffin and Sabine

I read this book when I was in high school. The truth, there was a shallow understanding in my part but I was amused to read someone else’s mail and was intrigued with two blossoming lovers exchange of words. Years later, I revisited Griffin and Sabine and I understood my lack of ignorance during my formation years. It was just too Jungian for me to understand.

Griffin Moss, a postcard designer, is lonely but he doesn’t know it. Sabine Strohem, a South Sea island stamp artist, finds him through her visions. A letter from her completes the bridge. An epistolary novel and a pop up book (to put it bluntly), Griffin and Sabine opens up the voyeurs in us without prejudice and censure. Their correspondence develop without evident direction at first but lands with a touch of eroticism, existentialism and psychological drama. The book showcases more than the exchange of letters and postcards, it also welcomes us to a strange tone of art works that almost mirrors the characters mind. There is no solid protagonist or antagonist in here, just Griffin and Sabine but a line so resonating illustrates the stage clearly, ”You’re a figment of my imagination,” writes Griffin. ”Foolish man,” respond Sabine. ”You cannot turn me into a phantom because you’re frightened.”

What endears me to this book is how physical it was. Pulling the letter from the envelope and unfolding it did not only make me feel like I was in it, but I am it. I just have to decide, will I be Griffin or Sabine?


Griffin And Sabine

Written By English artist, illustrator amd writer, Nick Bantock

Published By Chronicle Books