100 Things

1.) I don’t like my first name … not one bit.
2.) On my 25th birthday, I nearly ended in jail.  Ryan saved me before things got ugly.
3.)J.K. Rowling’s continuity editor Cheryl Klein once wrote to me after bringing to their attention a wrong spelling in the Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban book.
4.) I’m an incompetent gardener.
5.) Most would mistake my last name as my given name.
6.) My writing teacher in college looked like Mr. Burns in the Simpsons.mr-burns
7.) If my mom is not around I am the Supreme Ruler of our House.
8.) I’m impossibly fluent in English when I get furious.
9.) People abhor my dry jokes. I wonder why.
10.) I use to play the piano … freestyle.
11.) I don’t have a driver’s licence. I’m doing the world a favour.
12.) I have the ability to magnet creepy suitors.
13.) My kindergarten report card wrote that I was awful in English but was great in Geography because I can name countries in Europe.
14.) Last time I was caught jaywalking, they penalized me by singing the national anthem. I was unable to finish it.no-jaywalking-sign
15.) The second time I got caught, I pretended to be a tourist. I aquired a very sharp southern accent I learned from a guy in Season 5 of American Idol.
16.) I’m a fierce passive aggressive.
17.) I get violent when someone uses my things without asking permission.
18.) I don’t have a tattoo but would like one inside my left wrist.
19.) I once worked with Ricky Lee but was so intimidated I couldn’t ask for his autograph.
20.) I love coffee but I start shaking after two cups.
21.) I was never educated in screenplay writing.
22.) I loved chemistry in high school.
23.) I can’t do math if it was to save my life.
24.) I met Justin Timberlake when he was still in NSync. I think their concert was the bomb.
25.) I have a signed album to prove it.
26.) When I was nine, people thought I was odd having loved and applauded The Empire Of The Sun.empire of the sun christian bale
27.) I fell in love with Christian Bale almost instantly.
28.) I still love him by the way.
29.) When I was in fifth grade I wrote a short story for a contest. When I won second place no one wanted to believe I wrote it.
30.) I would like to think I’m good with managing my money.
31.) I can be feircely solitary if I want to.
32.) I’ve joined the elite club of lone backpackers.
33.) Please don’t tell my mom.
34.) I own a pair of Nine West. I don’t wear them.
35.) I read people’s body language.
36.) I’m technologically challenged.
37.) I was the designated troublemaker back in high school.
38.) Mom got called often because of that.
39.) Things changed when I got to college.
40.) I don’t know how that happened.
41.) My favourite Van Gogh is the Starry Night.vangogh-starry_night
42.) I use to know people from UMD.
43.) Don’t even ask me how that happened.
44.) My favourite piano piece is Chopin Nocturne.
45.) I use that to calm my nerves.
46.) I use to be a member of my school’s swim team.
47.) My specialty was the backstroke.
48.) I nearly drowned in the open sea when I was little.
49.) I can’t scuba dive because of that experience.
50.) Growing up, I was not allowed to watch local t.v. shows.
51.) I’m a neat freak.
52.) I had asthma when I was a kid.
53.) I still take the same medicine prescribed to me as a kid in case I have an attack.
54.) I once rode a vehicle that losts its brakes.car20accident20roll20over
55.) The car hit a wall and turned over.
56.) I ended up with a bump in the head.
57.) I’m into copying English accent.
58.) But I can do a bit of Irish accent too.
59.) I use to want to dye my hair red.
60.) I was much too scared to do it.
61.) I use to have a pet iguana.
62.) His name was Iggy.
63.) I’m dead scared of spiders.
64.) Which is second to snakes.
65.) I have a copy of a 1923 Time magazine.time_magazine_-_first_cover
66.) That’s the first edition.
67.) I like Absolut Vodka Apeach.
68.) My lucky number is 8.
69.) And 13.
70.) I don’t drink beer.
71.) I don’t like how it tastes.
72.) I like vodka better.
73.) My first letter from United Kingdom came when I was 23.
74.) It was from some kid named Rupert Grint.rupert grint
75.) I was always late on my graduation mass.
76.) I didn’t care.
78.) I once stole my classmates hanky.
79.) Just to annoy her.
80.) I wrote to Stephanie Meyer.
81.) She hasn’t written back.
82.) J.K. Rowling did.
83.) I grew my first long nails in Junior high.
84.) My favourite fruit is the watermelon.
85.) I like it as a fruit shake too.
86.) I once got lost as a kid at a mall.
87.) Everyone panicked but me.
88.) I clean my room once every week.
89.) I once slipped in my own vomit.
90.) Gross, I know.
91.) I love to dance.hiphop dance
92.) And I enjoyed that thoroughly back in school.
93.) Even if I was the tallest, they’d put me in front.
94.) I was good at it.
95.) I don’t like marching bands.
96.) Especially when they passby my street.
97.) I hang bills all over the house when it’s the New Year.
98.) They say it’s for good luck.
99.) It seems to work.
100.) If I had things my way, my name would be Eli.


17 thoughts on “100 Things

  1. I did not enjoy reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It seemed more like the Mills n Boon romances. Given that its a bestseller, did I miss something?

    • Reading a story that reminds you about something you’ve read before does water down the effect. It’s sad that you missed the unexplained magic of Twilight but in all honesty there’s no need to worry. If you see comparison from past reads perhaps because it used the same formula. What I enjoyed as a fan, is the chivalrous Romeo and Juliet-esque approached on a 21st century setting. It also reminds me – and let me live vicariously – of young loves no apologies attitude. If you got your fix via Mills and Boon, then some of us got it from Twilight.

  2. Jean, you’ve a lovely name. Even if you may have trouble with an Irish accent…

    When I’m in England, I need to tone mine down; here in America folks think it’s grand.

  3. Hi TL! Do you still remember me? I told you, I will be reading your blog. Thank you for giving me a good idea on how to know my self better. Making a list of weird things about me would surely help me survive my depression, or at least, keep my sanity.

    Keep on posting. God bless!

  4. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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